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3 Impacts of Indigenous Employment

The impacts of indigenous employment are far reaching. The amount of times we've seen individuals, families and communities positively develop due to local employment is one of the reasons we keep doing our work. Here are some of the biggest impacts indigenous employment can have:

1 Secure income from secure employment leads to increased financial status, this improves health and education outcomes for indigenous individuals, as well as their families and communities. Secure income can also lead to less reliance on welfare and improved financial management.

2 Remote and very remote areas can benefit from new skills gained by their community members. This can mean increased financial injections into the local community and the passing on of education and skills that the community may not have had access to before. Storytelling and the passing on of knowledge is at the heart of indigenous culture, so adding new skills to a community can have benefits for many generations to come.

3 While much harder to measure, the positive impact that employment can have on the confidence and mental health of individuals shouldn’t be underestimated. Again this positive impact flows through families and communities, meaning that indigenous employment has far reaching impacts.

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